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Aalto Media Lab

Aalto Media Lab

Demo Day

Winter Demo Day 2023

Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Harald Herlin Learning Centre
Otaniementie 9, Espoo

Recent Projects

Yan Zhang
Personal Project
0074 is an experimental audio-visual performance. It abandons the sense of abstraction brought by generative art, simulates more montage techniques and distortion for documentary videos in the program, and allows it to interact with sound.
3D Animation Minor 2023
Kai Lappalainen
Michelle Lauriste
Alisa Muth
Hilla Semeri
Karolína Kožíková
Reti Kilvet
Asala Ahmadli
Kati Salminen
Agata Rudnicka
Eemeli Saari
Ariana Marta
Natalia Pinheiro
Nestor Ailoranta
Hyunji Kim
3D Animation
Experience the first showing of the short animations from the students of the 3D Animation Minor. The stories explore various themes and are centered around the learning of animation as a storytelling tool. The students created characters and worlds and generated short stories as their first 3D animation project.
Absinthe Tails
Antti Kangas
Supriya Dutta
Melanie Wigger
Nina Tepponen
Hanzhi Zhang
Samedha Arora
Jessy Muyonjo
Game Project
Absinthe Tails is a detective game with a dash of absinthe and missing cats.
Riikka Mustakallio
Aalto Digital Creatives
AI FILM BIZ is a Project Organization that creates projects combining Film, AI & Creativity.
Aris Arcanum
Ossi Kannosto
Esko Vähämäki
Bardia Eghbali
Lera Nikitina
Karolína Kožíková
Ali Hosseini
Personal Project
Aris Arcanum is a Victorian-era magic-fused roguelike with a spell-crafting twist.
Art Sonique
Kim-Niklas Antin
Aalto Digital Creatives
Turning e-waste into beautiful loudspeakers. The IKO is a concept that uses digital fabrication to remanufacture loudspeakers according to circular economy principles.
Audiovisual Studio 2023
Audiovisual Studio
One-week workshop about audiovisual art.
Digital Accessibility in Critical Services
Mathias Leopold Schach
Master's Thesis
Presentation of Key Findings of MA Thesis in New Media. Thesis Title: Future of Legally Binding Accessibility in Feature Development of Critical Digital Services.
Dime Shift
Shamit Ahmed
Uneeb Kari
Jiahe Liang
Yuxuan Liu
J.C Muyonjo
Lera Nikitina
Game Project
Dime Shift is a perspective-shifting puzzle platformer. Play as a tiny 2D robot who tries to become sentient by exploring the mechanical landscape of the future.
An Phan
Aalto Digital Creatives
An innovative AI-powered language-learning via gaming experience that revolutionizes traditional learning methods, fostering a profound connection with the target language and empowering the love and joy in learning.
Granny's Apple Pie
Michelle Lauriste
Nicholas Saarela
Noah Nguyen
Jonas Füllemann
Games's Now! Game Jam
A new day has come, the golden Knight of the Golden Apple Kingdom rises and embarks on the grand journey of buying apple pies for the Grandmother Queen.
Zhiying Deng
Personal Project Seminar I: Critical Practice
The serves as the initial map, I will unlock every place I visit. The website is presented in the form of an interactive map that shows the places I have explored.
Interactive Patterns
Volha Furs
Computational Art and Design
A carefully designed series of dynamic elements, created using the p5.js library. Utilising a MIDI controller, guests can explore an array of combinations involving shapes and colours that form diverse patterns.
Yukito Kodama
Aalto Digital Creatives
We build a rope climbing robot that can inspect offshore wind turbine blades automatically. Using this robot instead of the manual inspection, the risk and the cost will be reduced, and stable electricity supply will be realized
lossyd: Conjuring a Speculative Daemon
Shane Wirkes
Master's Thesis
By sonifying data streams from the Wi-Fi band, I am creating a sonic collaboration between myself, the Wi-Fi spectrum, and the data being passed through.
Mengqiao Liu
Physical Computing Storytelling
I aim to create an engaging gaming installation where participants interact with the tilting board to manipulate the movement of a ball, fostering a dynamic and immersive experience to engage participants in a physical dialogue with their environment.
Rui Zeng
Physical Computing Storytelling
MONI is an innovative robotic fish installation, conceptualized as the physical manifestation of the epilogue from ‘Moni’s Diary’.
Mushroom Chair (3D Printed Chair)
Xuanpu Huang
Creative Digital Design
Designing a chair by using digital as a tool to explore the new perspective of daily supplies’ manufacturing methods. Expanding the alternative horizon for product transportation systems, specifically from physical to digital. Presenting the artistry and utility of digital in a more sustainable manner.
New Media End of Semester Exhibition
Matti Niinimäki
Ahmad Erfani
Alex Artemenko
Celeste Sanja Smareglia
Janne Pusa
Mitchell Leibowitz
Jiayi Li
Lù Chén
Mengqiao Liu
Mengqing Wang
Merle Karp
Pili Valdivia
Roosa-Emilia Ronkainen
Rui Zeng
Sten Heijster
Volha Furs
Vytautas Bikauskas
Xuemei Ge
Yihan Lou
Yu-Hsuan Yao
Computational Art and Design Physical Computing
Course exhibition that highlights works from two different courses, Physical Computing and Computational Art and Design.
Nöki: Shards of The Untamed
Fatemeh Amereh
Nuutti Nykänen
Fu Wei
Nestor Feijoo
Hedieh Abdolvahabi
Jiaming Liang
Esther Calderón Morales
Game Project
Nöki: Shards of the Untamed is an isometric action-adventure game in which you control Nöki the penguin.
Tino Selic
John Emslie
Jeremias Jokila
Vili Sihvola
Veikka Taka
Henri Viitanen
Game Project
Piru is a psychological horror retro-fps game about a demonic ritual at a cabin in the wintry forests of Lapland.
Reki Rumble
Tatu Heinämäki
Personal Project
Reki Rumble is a sledding videogame for two players.
Roya Flow
Ahmad Erfani
Computational Art and Design
Capturing the essence of solidarity in old Persian architecture discretely, this interactive installation features a real-time fluid simulation and animations, inviting users to explore and engage with a dynamic virtual space.
Hiski Huovila
Personal Project
A flexible feat-based tactical YZE fantasy TTRPG that lets you play your wildest character concepts with ease.
Sheep Ship Delivery
Chao Cui
Personal Project
A sokoban puzzle but you can move the target location as well.
Sound Design in Art and Science - Case Study: The Rabarba - Branching Realities Project
Marija Šumarac
Edit Blaumann
Sólja Holm Mortensen
Master's Thesis
Rabarba is an exploration in the field of speculative design presented through a spatial sound installation.
Thus Sang the Trees
Karolína Kozikova
3D Animation Master's Thesis
An animation project for an upcoming video game in the genres of farming and survival horror. Centered around themes of anthropocentrism and control.
Tomorrow Island
Miro Aurela
Camilla Pentti
Master's Thesis
Climate change puzzle game.
Vertti Luostarinen
Begüm Çelik
Master's Thesis
Tuumailubotti is a Finnish-speaking chatbot for workplace reflection designed in collaboration with The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).
Virtual Illustration
Juha Koivusalo
Master's Thesis
Immerse yourself in Virtual Illustrations – artworks crafted in the realm of virtual reality, designed to be experienced through a VR headset. This assortment of drawings constitutes a vital component of my master’s thesis, delving into the study of VR sickness in VR illustrations. Whether you’re a newcomer to virtual reality or a metaverse enthusiast, there’s something here for you to explore and enjoy!
VJ Loops
Mitchell Leibowitz
Computational Art and Design
Presenting a video loop, demonstrating what I have learned this semester related to my VJ setup.
Vytautas Bikauskas
Computational Art and Design
WEBPIT is an ongoing research project into the materiality of wireless networks, self-hosting, and participatory server-based art. In this iteration, a solar-powered portable Rasberry Pi is hosting a local wireless network and an open server – the pit.
World Politics System
Hiski Huovila
Personal Project
World Politics System is a simple megagame for 10-100 players.