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2022 | Winter Demo Day



3D Animation Minor
Kai Lappalainen
Kamilla Grämer
Rebekka En
Nina Balashova
Richard Porthan
Maria Klata
Tomi Rislakki
Vera Rantamaa
Kauri Rantala
Diana Lisitsa
Elina Ludborza
Jonna Eloranta
Sanna Nykänen
Daniel Giacomelli
Elliot Kölhi
Evdokia Asseeva
Aura Köykkä
Ida Budolfsen
Camilla Pentti
Janne Backman
Aleksandra Artemenko
3D Animation
Experience the first showing of the short animations from the students of the 3D Animation Minor. The stories explore various themes and are centered around the learning of animation as a storytelling tool.
Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator program
Aalto Digital Creatives
Aalto Digital Creatives
The Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator program helps creative industry students, researchers and practitioners on their path towards entrepreneurship.
Abandoned Memory
Carlos Perez Moreno
Inka Jerkku
Han Gao
Jihae Kim
Designing and Creating Virtual Worlds
You find an abandoned game on a floppy disk from 1995, and wake up inside the game.
Animal Planner
Chao Cui
Yifan Zhou
A cute animal themed casual game with puzzle elements.
Artificial Life
Yuhan Tseng
This installation lets people detect their heartbeats and retrieve others’ heartbeats. Feel free to touch and feel the heart.
Aaron Geldert
Atte Haarakangas
Birk Lerviks
Chao Cui
Daniel Zsemberi
Eelis Lähteenaro
Ida Budolfsen
Katie Ballinger
Marija Šumarac
Max Salomaa
Veera Wikström
Xuxiao Ma
Game Project
A short mystery horror game set in the 1960s America. Witness the bloody aftermath of a series of terrifying incidents.
Zsombor Szabó
Esko Vähämäki
Ahmad Erfani
Eetu Leppälä
Bingxiao Luo
Ali Hosseini
Game Project
Discordant is a surreal rhythm-action game where you defeat enemies to the beat of the music. Explore the mysterious astral plane and restore the Sun to the dark North.
In Between
Bingxiao Luo
An independent game on ‘Death’. To view death from a neutral and peaceful manner, thus easing the pain of losing a loved one, is the central idea of this atmospheric game.
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ahmad Erfani
Alireza Fatemi
Boeun Kim
Marija Šumarac
Game Jam
🎶 The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the air duct. Down came the slime and fire and lemon, and scared the spider out. But there are so many delicious cookies there, so the itsy bitsy spider went up the air duct again. 🎶
lost together
Miranda Kastemaa
lost together is an interactive music performance, in which a multiplayer online game meets experimental electronic music.
Virpi Väinölä
Rolands Tiss
Adam Streicher
Navid Bayat
Christian Hilpert
Olga Tasanko
Kaan Ünlu
Vili Saarenpää
Game Project
Marmortal is a first-person movement shooter video game. It’s an ongoing project that started from Aalto Game Project course.
Ahmad Erfani
Moosio is a two-player fighting game in that players use their skills to collect mushrooms, dodge and shoot at each other in a fun and chaotic way.
Lera Nikitina
Karolína Kožíková
Ossi Kannosto
Antti Kangas
Nina Tepponen
Ossi Luoto
Maria Badji
Game Project
Mykola is a card-based game about dead sad cowboys.
Reconstructing the technological thought in different realities
Shikhar Bhardwaj
The world as a whole is rapidly becoming homogeneous, uniting to a single point. Our food, architecture and even our modern tech are very mono, lookalike similar to every other device or gadget we use and own.
TAG: Tower Attack Game
Esko Evtyukov
Ilmari Hirvonen
Daniel Meerson
A small strategy video game developed by an amateur team over the course of 6 months.
Seyed Alireza
Fatemi Jahromi
Bardia Eghbali
Minea Juntura
Veera Wikström
Kati Salminen
Volodymyr Tretyak
Josef He
Game Project
The people of Aeternus live inside Mount Chronos and are considered the protectors of the Flame of Time. They have a long history of harvesting and enchanting the raw passage of time into small crystals.
Villanelle—Silent Sounds
Yan Zhang
Physical Computing
This is an interactive installation that captures the trajectory of the experiencer’s body movement and translates it into notes recorded on a score in the screen.
VR Dance Experience
Markus Laattala
A small VR dance experience that focuses on new ways of instructing movement.
Where do we go when we fall asleep?
Hiski Huovila
Jackie Lin
Karolina Nowak
Sasha Usoskin
Designing and Creating Virtual Worlds
A virtual reality experience where the user is physically laying down on a bed and experiences multiple dreamlike worlds.