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2023 | Spring Demo Day



Art & Tech / Aalto Digital Creatives
Aalto Digital Creatives
Aalto Digital Creatives
Aalto Digital Creatives Art & Tech Open Call final takes place on stage at the Media Lab Demo Day.
Monika Hauck
Alex Ricci
Art+Media Studio
AURA/L is a prototype of an audiovisual instrument you play with your presence. Upon entry into the installation your body becomes an ever-changing soundscape that shifts along with your movements.
Blurred Memories
Xuemei Ge
Embodied Interaction
Blurred Memories is an interactive artwork that seeks to capture and document the memories that exist in our minds.
Jassir Kuronen
Art+Media Studio
DVVVM studies analog video modification through VHS tapes and video signal distortion.
FAFA Fest | Visual identity
Donato Renzulli
Yiting Ruan
Art+Media Studio
The project includes the development of the visual identity for FAFA Fest 2023 and a visual installation with projection mapping that incorporates a cube-based structure
Vertti Luostarinen
Begüm Çelik
Art+Media Studio
Transcend the limitations of decision making with Artificial Intelligence. Optimize the search for ethical solutions to unlock your full potential.
Polisfonia : The Politics of Sound
Matteo Pra Mio
Balint Kiss
Jessy Muyonjo
Tuomo Väänänen
Art+Media Studio
In our semester project we explored the political dimension of sound and music, experimenting with Sonic Practices as creative tools to foster political dialogue.
Tino Selic
Physical Computing
Creating an alarm clock by recycling an old rotary dial telephone.
Gabriel Moise
Alexandru Boaru
Shroom?Crawler! is a puzzle-oriented Metroidvania. Explore 4 different environments as you search for your way home. Face various challenges, unlock abilities and crawl on walls.
Spectrum Mirror
Ahmad Erfani
Embodied Interaction
Spectrum Mirror is an interactive digital art piece that uniquely connects music to human movement.
Tiny Islands
Chao Cui
Tiny Islands is a sailing exploration game. Explore islands, solve puzzles, figure out what is inside Captain Jack’s huge treasure box.
When all else fails I’ll be there for you
Hiski Huovila
A short PbtA style tabletop roleplaying game about emergency workers. Rules light and requires no preparation.