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2022 | Spring Demo Day



8 Seconds
Gabriel Moise
3D Animation
A short animation exploring the relationship between two long-distance friends as they are becoming something more.
Alive Dead Media is Dead
Lorenzo Barilla
Paul Bot
Aurora Frestadius
Janne Lehtimäki
Peiyu Ling
Anjori Tandon
Lari Tarvainen
Ville Yli-Knuutila
Markku Reunanen
Tero Heikkinen
Derek Holzer
Alive Dead Media
The purpose of the “Alive Dead Media” course was to build a bridge between the so-called dead media of the past and today’s new media.
Art & Tech Open Call 2022 Final
Aalto Digital Creatives
Aalto Digital Creatives
Aalto Digital Creatives Art & Tech Open Call final takes place on stage at the Media Lab Demo Day.
Audiovisual Studio & Embodied Interaction
Audiovisual Studio Embodied Interraction
Documentation of the student work from Audiovisual Studio and Embodied Interaction courses.
Eero Pitkänen
Master's Thesis
DimSyn is a browser-based tool for expressive visually-driven sound synthesis and composition using web technologies.
Margo Nowicka
3D Animation
Dysmorphia is a term related to a body-image disorder, where one believes a part of their appearance is severely distorted or flawed, contrary to reality. In this work, I morph the deformed perception of the body into a deformed perception of the mind, a mental dysphoria
Enchanted Echos
Oskar Koli
Master's Thesis
Enchanted Echos is an enchanted mirror which remembers the faces of those who have looked into it.
Dinan Yan
Digital Fabrication
An interactive ferrofluid display with a capacitive touch sensor and two electromagnets
Lucien Montandon
Henry is a funny little character with only half a head as his body, but with the peculiar and powerful ability to possess and control any object within his reach.
I am home
Oona Räyhäntausta
A slightly different ASMR ish guided meditation for you to center yourself to this very moment, you celestial being.
Katie Ballinger
This project uses a custom midi controller to interact with effects on a live video feed displayed on a screen.
Sarah Alirezaee
Bardia Eghbali
Sina Jalali
Lari Tarvainen
Olga Tasanko
Game Project
Marionettes is an exploration puzzle game with a self-revealing narrative, which unfolds piece-bypiece throughout the game.
Virpi Väinölä
Lassi Vihko
Kaan Ünlu
Rolands Tiss
Adam Streicher
Brandon Startz
Ivar Kerajärvi
Elina Eskelinen
Navid Bayat
Game Project
Marmortal is a first-person movement shooter game that focuses on a plethora of platforming puzzles with a fast-paced tempo and satisfying movement abilities.
On Process
Utu Samuli Kärki
Digital Fabrication
For my final project for Digital Fabrication Studio I wanted to do a mini analog TV station.
Lucien Montandon
A different way of making music, more relaxed, less linear. I can now compose my own yoga music.
Ida Budolfsen
Panu Luukkonen
Katie Ballinger
Monika Hauck
Embodied Interaction
Pondering is an interactive projected installation that encourages participants to lay back, relax, and push on a canopy above to change the water-themed visuals and audio.
Pop-up VR Museum
Lily Diaz-Kommonen
Gautam Vishwanath
Leena Svinhufvud
Jiaxin Tao
Wiebke Spieker
Vanessa Bonanno
As one of the five case studies in SPICE, the Design Museum in Helsinki is designing the Pop-up VR Museum as a VR experience targeted to senior citizens, rural communities, and asylum seekers.
Shadow Puppy Shenanigans
Toni Sariola
Prabhav Bhatnagar
Boeun Kim
Rolands Tiss
Sina Jalali
Game Project
In a submerged city, a raccoon with duality of light & shadow solves mystic challenges to steal ALL the snacks.
Singing Cello – A New Approach to Composing Music
Panu Luukkonen
This presentation explores a small part of Google’s Magenta Project called Tone Transfer.
The Stick Incident
Erika Rustamova
The stick incident is a hilarious take on the most widespread problem that DJ encounters while playing music to people: music stops playing because of the glitches with the equipment.
They Are You
Ken Oshiro
Gabriel Moise
Emil Levo
Camilla Pentti
Miro Aurela
Mark Laukkanen
Jinda Li
Aleksi Villberg
Game Project
They are you is a puzzle/action game in which the player becomes the enemy he kills.
Reetu Kontio
Zezhong Wang
Peiyu Ling
Aliinsti Noguest
Sunqi Zhu
Patrik Boman
Mikko Saarinen
Chengwei Qi
Game Project
Titaneers is a 3rd person momentum based action game
Miranda Kastemaa
Where are you from
Yujie Zhou
I can almost hear there is a word in a rock, tender and soft as if it resonated in my hands. With a chisel in hand, I carve the excess out and look for the words trapped at its core, but I can not understand the language.
You or Me
Inka Jerkku
3D Animation
You or Me, the final project of the 3D animation course, tells a short story about a journey in an eerie snowy landscape.