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2020 | Spring Demo Day

Aalto Media Lab, Online Livestream + Discord
Wed, May 27, 2020


  • 14:00 | Welcome
  • 14:10–16:30 | Presentations
  • 16:30–17:00 | Explore the Projects and Join the Demo Day Discord
  • 17:30–> | Live Performances

Original Site

Archive of the original site from 2020



Alive Dead Media: Chip and Tracker Music
Lu Priace Michavila
Olli Ketonen
Philippe La Grassa
Janne Kuisma
Yanran Wu
Janne L
Xiaomeng Fan
Loan Le Thi Kim
Phuong Nguyen
Miranda Kastemaa
Yrjö Fager
Markku Reunanen
Alive Dead Media
This year the topic of the Alive Dead Media workshop was chip and tracker music. During the week each student composed two tunes: one using the sample-based MilkyTracker and another for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld using Little Sound DJ.
Auto-auto-biographic VR
Jana Pejoska
Gautam Vishwanath
A chronographic media archive for students to re-experience their studies and developing interests.
Chain Waves
Boeun Kim
Generative Media Coding
The Chain Waves is a generative drawing inspired by Vera Molnar’s plotter drawing series “Interruptions”.
covid-19 showreel
Cili Kugler
This experimental music video is the result of my six-fanarts covid-19 lockdown side activity. I wanted to edit my fails and finished work together to make the worst + best showreel ever.
Deconstruction of the Body
Mirya Nezvitskaya
Dance performance on canvas, oil paints
Demoscene & Cultural Heritage
Markku Reunanen
The demoscene is an international community focused on the creation of demos, creative real-time audio-visual presentations that combine skillfully crafted software, graphics and audio. In April 2020 the Ministry of Education and Culture officially added the demoscene to the national inventory of living heritage.
Dream & Truth
Wan-Ting Hsieh
3D Animation
3D animation about a girl who wonders if she has fulfilled her dream or not.
Exploration of Depth
Oskar Koli
Embodied Interaction
Installation prototype: back projected sheet and a Kinect which detects depth changes in the sheet. The depth data is used to create a portal visualization.
Fashion Police Squad
Patrick Milvi
Miika Kanerva
Pyry Takkunen
Harold Hejazi
Lassi Vihko
Tuisku Hiltunen
Philippe La Grassa
Xiaomeng Fan
Game Project
Fashion Police Squad is a retro first person shooter where you play as a stylish fashion cop whose task is to fight against fashion crime using attire enhancing weaponry.
Olli Ketonen
Embodied Interaction
Gateway is an interactive sound installation utilizing computer vision and sound programming.
Generative Algorithm Knitting
Qi (Kiko) Chen
Generative Media Coding
Coding and knitting share an interesting bond. This piece uses processing sketch as a textile surface, explores generative knitting with algorithms.
Im/Material Research
M Wingren
An overview of material & immaterial research/projects from spring 2020
Interactive Information Visualization of Finnish Genetic Data
Nicola Cerioli
Rupesh Vyas
An online dashboard visualising data about Finnish population genome
Lucid Dreaming
Jennifer Greb
Anna Puura
Julia Sand
Embodied Interaction
Lucid Dreaming is a collaborative multimedia installation created during the Embodied Interaction course in spring 2019. The installation investigates the phenomena of awakening into the subconscious.
Magic Ivy
Alexey Nikolaev
Generative Media Coding
Magic Ivy is a generative and interactive 3D simulation of a non-existing spherical plant.
Noisy Narcissus – The Noise Behind the Mask
Lu Priace Michavila
Generative Media Coding
This is a prototype for a future live audiovisual performance combining electronic music and visuals that react to sound using facetracking and sound visualisation techniques.
Dinan Yan
Generative Media Coding
Use Kinect to draw detected subjects as shadows on screen, which creates watercolor painting effect.
Shuttlecock of Friendship
Alexey Nikolaev
3D Animation
Shuttlecock of Friendship is a short animation film created as a spring project in Kai Lappalainen’s 3D animation class.
The Blob
Taavi Kervinen
Generative Media Coding
The blob is a concept work of an interactive piece. The blob in the piece lives its own life in the middle of the image, but when a viewer approaches the screen, the blob is attracted by the viewer.
Their Home
Juhana Sarkki
Markus Laattala
Emmi Kärnä
Konsta Polkutie
Inan Evin
Lassi Vihko
Philippe La Grassa
Game Project
Their Home is a tiny open-world game about kindness. You play as a bird, and try to help the villagers of a remote mountainside village to feel more connected.
Wakey-Wakey, Wonders!
Jenni Varila
Abhishek Jaiswal
Tuisku Hiltunen
Toni Pesola
Tomi Panula
Lassi Vihko
Philippe La Grassa
Game Project
Wakey-Wakey, Wonders! is a 2D-platformer game which takes you to the mystic mountains, with a creature named Aika! Her magic clock has the power of reviving nature, and her mission is to find the great sleepy wonders and wake them up!
Emil Lindfors
Generative Media Coding
A small application that hosts a group of wandering Wanderers in two different organically evolving worlds. They can be interactively guided and gathered using mouse/touch input. Done in Generative Media Coding 2020.