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2021 | Spring Demo Day




3D Animation and Pure Data – Adventures in Flat Space
Anssi Alhopuro
3D Animation
Ideas related to using 3D models and animations as basis for creative programming and design.
A Sloth – 3D Animation Project
Aurora Frestadius
Philippe La Grassa
3D Animation
3D animation abiout a sloth, who is captured in his own slow nature.
An immersive performance exploration for a Chinese instrument – Pipa
Yanran Wu
This is a master thesis project from CoID. It explores audience empowerment in the immersive performance.
Dreamer’s Approach
Ünlü Kaan
3D Animation
A woman knocked out of her senses and in blind pursuit of an unknown quarry arrives at a strange gates marked by a small, palm sized crest.
Embrace – Festival for Immersive Experiences
Eero Tiainen
Sebastian Schlecht
Tatu Blomqvist
Monica Seppänen
Sakari Heiskanen
Leena Tsuchiya
Michael Jelbart
Hanna Pajala-Assefa
Embrace showcases Extended reality (XR) experiences made for VR headsets, AR art, and other immersive installations.
Gogh_Meet the new world
Suhye Choi
This project is based on Gogh’s works and expresses several buildings and backgrounds in virtual reality.
Haunt Them – video game hauntology
Niklas Alenius
Pietu Arvola
Prabhav Bhatnagar
Tatu Heinämäki
Matias Koskimies
Antti Mäkipää
Nils Qvis
Toom Tragel
Game Project
Haunt Them is a video game where the player assumes the role of a ghost. They are presented with different ghostly abilities and interesting puzzle scenarios to solve. Being a ghost isn’t easy and the past seems the be – haunting.
Lights out
Lari Tarvainen
Mikael Ahtikari
Ville Laaksonen
3D Animation
A part of a day in a life of a puppet and the puppeteer. Short movie made in 3D animation course.
Love Simulation EVE – Creating Multiplayer VR Performance
Eero Tiainen
Rongzhi Liu
Wan-Ting Hsieh
Michael Jelbart
Inna Huttunen
Juuso-Matias Maijanen
Love Simulation EVE is a location-based VR performance for 50-100 participants at the same time.
Marmortal - Video Game
Virpi Väinölä
Lassi Vihko
Kaan Ünlu
Rolands Tiss
Adam Streicher
Brandon Startz
Ivar Kerajärvi
Elina Eskelinen
Navid Bayat
Game Project
In Marmortal you have made a wish to an all powerful entity – the Ascended. However, the wish brought forth dire consequences.
Nebula Digitalis 4042
Philippe La Grassa
Generative Media Coding
Simple generative graphics nebula in a small form made in openFrameworks.
Press Play
M Wingren
Having completed the official thesis presentation 2 days prior, this demo day version will be a quick recap and include one previously unreleased demo project (AR music-performance-game thingy).
Purrchasers: Online multiplayer shopping racer game
Noora Heiskanen
Laura Rantonen
Joaquin Rossi
Jesse Nukarinen
Toni Sariola
Rongzhi Liu
Emeline Jouvencel
Anna-Maija Trosterud
Game Project
Purrchasers is an online co-op multiplayer game created to suit the couch co-op style gaming remotely.
SySTEM 2020: Design principles and methods to support informal science learning
Eva Durall
Teemu Leinonen
The SySTEM 2020 is a research and innovation project coordinated by Science Gallery Dublin, which focuses on science learning outside the classroom.
The Pulse of Tripla
Olli Ketonen
Kalle Järvenpää
Rupesh Vyas
Interactive data sculpture, The Pulse of Tripla, is created by Aalto University’s students and teachers of Sound in New Media and Visual Communications Design program. It offers an audiovisual experience demonstrating cyclic changes in air quality in the Mall of Tripla.
TIMO – Connecting generations in space and time
Sofia Secchi
Designerly Approaches to Social Media
A social media platform that connects people from different historical periods, allowing them to share experiences of their own epoch with fellow humans of the future, or to interact with objects left from someone else in the past.
Miranda Kastemaa
Take a brief respite from hellworld and beam yourself onto the dance floor in outer cyberspace. Unidentified Fabulous Oscillations will be transmitted into ur brain through TidalCycles and SuperCollider.
Navid Bayat
Sirja Puurtinen
3D Animation
Yalda is a one minute long 3D animation about a small girl who is lost in a snow storm and only has one flash light.