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Emeline Jouvencel


Purrchasers: Online multiplayer shopping racer game
Noora Heiskanen
Laura Rantonen
Joaquin Rossi
Jesse Nukarinen
Toni Sariola
Rongzhi Liu
Emeline Jouvencel
Anna-Maija Trosterud
Game Project
Purrchasers is an online co-op multiplayer game created to suit the couch co-op style gaming remotely.


Escape the Night
Elina Eskelinen
Joaquín Rossi
Toom Tragel
Emeline Jouvencel
Magu Jaakkola
Niklas Alenius
Prabhav Bhatnagar
Adam Streicher
Game Project
The game puts you in the shoes of a Runner tasked with trapping shadow monsters inside a set of ever more complex puzzle ruins.
Games Now! Community
Annakaisa Kultima
Ville Kankainen
Solip Park
Prabhav Bhatnagar
Toni Gröndahl
Ngoc Hoang
Abhishek Jaiswal
Emeline Jouvencel
Leonidas Karavanas Papadimos
Juhana 'Keksi' Kekoni
Boeun Kim
Kaan Ünlü
Virpi Väinölä
Xuehao Zhang
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