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Gautam Vishwanath


Pop-up VR Museum
Lily Diaz-Kommonen
Gautam Vishwanath
Leena Svinhufvud
Jiaxin Tao
Wiebke Spieker
Vanessa Bonanno
As one of the five case studies in SPICE, the Design Museum in Helsinki is designing the Pop-up VR Museum as a VR experience targeted to senior citizens, rural communities, and asylum seekers.


Chronicles of an Art and Science Collaboration
Lily Díaz-Kommonen
Juan Duarte Regino
Gautam Vishwanath
Emil Lindfors
Andrea Mancianti
Orlando Rojas
Janika Lehtonen
Luiz Greca
This audiovisual hybrid artwork brings together the self-reflections of three scientists who participated in an art and science collaboration dealing with the use of bio-cellulose for art and design purposes.
Auto-auto-biographic VR
Jana Pejoska
Gautam Vishwanath
A chronographic media archive for students to re-experience their studies and developing interests.