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Markku Reunanen


Alive Dead Media is Dead
Lorenzo Barilla
Paul Bot
Aurora Frestadius
Janne Lehtimäki
Peiyu Ling
Anjori Tandon
Lari Tarvainen
Ville Yli-Knuutila
Markku Reunanen
Tero Heikkinen
Derek Holzer
Alive Dead Media
The purpose of the “Alive Dead Media” course was to build a bridge between the so-called dead media of the past and today’s new media.


Alive Dead Media: Chip and Tracker Music
Lu Priace Michavila
Olli Ketonen
Philippe La Grassa
Janne Kuisma
Yanran Wu
Janne L
Xiaomeng Fan
Loan Le Thi Kim
Phuong Nguyen
Miranda Kastemaa
Yrjö Fager
Markku Reunanen
Alive Dead Media
This year the topic of the Alive Dead Media workshop was chip and tracker music. During the week each student composed two tunes: one using the sample-based MilkyTracker and another for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld using Little Sound DJ.
Demoscene & Cultural Heritage
Markku Reunanen
The demoscene is an international community focused on the creation of demos, creative real-time audio-visual presentations that combine skillfully crafted software, graphics and audio. In April 2020 the Ministry of Education and Culture officially added the demoscene to the national inventory of living heritage.