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Michelle Lauriste


3D Animation Minor 2023
Kai Lappalainen
Michelle Lauriste
Alisa Muth
Hilla Semeri
Karolína Kožíková
Reti Kilvet
Asala Ahmadli
Kati Salminen
Agata Rudnicka
Eemeli Saari
Ariana Marta
Natalia Pinheiro
Nestor Ailoranta
Hyunji Kim
3D Animation
Experience the first showing of the short animations from the students of the 3D Animation Minor. The stories explore various themes and are centered around the learning of animation as a storytelling tool. The students created characters and worlds and generated short stories as their first 3D animation project.
Granny's Apple Pie
Michelle Lauriste
Nicholas Saarela
Noah Nguyen
Jonas Füllemann
Games's Now! Game Jam
A new day has come, the golden Knight of the Golden Apple Kingdom rises and embarks on the grand journey of buying apple pies for the Grandmother Queen.