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Oskar Koli


Enchanted Echos
Oskar Koli
Master's Thesis
Enchanted Echos is an enchanted mirror which remembers the faces of those who have looked into it.


THE ANTHROBSCENE – Media and the Environment Course Exhibition
Oskar Koli
Tuula Vehanen
Qianyu (Sienna) Fang
Lassi Häkkinen
Phuong Nguyen
Anze Bratus
Mirya Nezvitskaya
Dominik Fleischmann
Media and the Environment
The Fall 2020 ‘The Anthrobscene’* Exhibition features critical artworks by masters students as final outcomes of the Media and Environment Course
Exploration of Depth
Oskar Koli
Embodied Interaction
Installation prototype: back projected sheet and a Kinect which detects depth changes in the sheet. The depth data is used to create a portal visualization.