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Philippe La Grassa


A Sloth – 3D Animation Project
Aurora Frestadius
Philippe La Grassa
3D Animation
3D animation abiout a sloth, who is captured in his own slow nature.
Nebula Digitalis 4042
Philippe La Grassa
Generative Media Coding
Simple generative graphics nebula in a small form made in openFrameworks.


Alive Dead Media: Chip and Tracker Music
Lu Priace Michavila
Olli Ketonen
Philippe La Grassa
Janne Kuisma
Yanran Wu
Janne L
Xiaomeng Fan
Loan Le Thi Kim
Phuong Nguyen
Miranda Kastemaa
Yrjö Fager
Markku Reunanen
Alive Dead Media
This year the topic of the Alive Dead Media workshop was chip and tracker music. During the week each student composed two tunes: one using the sample-based MilkyTracker and another for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld using Little Sound DJ.
Fashion Police Squad
Patrick Milvi
Miika Kanerva
Pyry Takkunen
Harold Hejazi
Lassi Vihko
Tuisku Hiltunen
Philippe La Grassa
Xiaomeng Fan
Game Project
Fashion Police Squad is a retro first person shooter where you play as a stylish fashion cop whose task is to fight against fashion crime using attire enhancing weaponry.
Their Home
Juhana Sarkki
Markus Laattala
Emmi Kärnä
Konsta Polkutie
Inan Evin
Lassi Vihko
Philippe La Grassa
Game Project
Their Home is a tiny open-world game about kindness. You play as a bird, and try to help the villagers of a remote mountainside village to feel more connected.
Wakey-Wakey, Wonders!
Jenni Varila
Abhishek Jaiswal
Tuisku Hiltunen
Toni Pesola
Tomi Panula
Lassi Vihko
Philippe La Grassa
Game Project
Wakey-Wakey, Wonders! is a 2D-platformer game which takes you to the mystic mountains, with a creature named Aika! Her magic clock has the power of reviving nature, and her mission is to find the great sleepy wonders and wake them up!