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Tatu Heinämäki


Reki Rumble
Tatu Heinämäki
Personal Project
Reki Rumble is a sledding videogame for two players.


Haunt Them – video game hauntology
Niklas Alenius
Pietu Arvola
Prabhav Bhatnagar
Tatu Heinämäki
Matias Koskimies
Antti Mäkipää
Nils Qvis
Toom Tragel
Game Project
Haunt Them is a video game where the player assumes the role of a ghost. They are presented with different ghostly abilities and interesting puzzle scenarios to solve. Being a ghost isn’t easy and the past seems the be – haunting.


The Healer
Navid Bayat
Noora Heiskanen
Tatu Heinämäki
Matias Koskimies
Rongzhi Liu
Game Project
In The Healer you embody the titular healer character and cure a collection of patients from ailments that plague them.