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Teemu Leinonen


SySTEM 2020: Design principles and methods to support informal science learning
Eva Durall
Teemu Leinonen
The SySTEM 2020 is a research and innovation project coordinated by Science Gallery Dublin, which focuses on science learning outside the classroom.


+Andscape — AR sandbox and zones of participation
Teemu Leinonen
Jaana Brinck
Niklas Pöllönen
Jason Selvarajan
Labbers Oy Ltd
+Andscape is an AR sandbox designed for young children. Children can shape the surface that is then colored with a projected image.
Intergroup Contact via Telepresence Robots
Avner Peled
Teemu Leinonen
Béatrice Hasler
My doctoral research, which started in the beginning of this year, investigates how robots could facilitate contact between groups in conflict.