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  1. 2020 | Spring Demo Day/

Chain Waves

Generative Media Coding

The Chain Waves is a generative drawing inspired by Vera Molnar’s plotter drawing series “Interruptions”. Like Molnar’s approach, the lines in the Chain Waves are generated by computer algorithms with iterative processes with codes. The revolving lines overlap with each other which creates a visual that looks like a wave of chains. In random sections of the drawing, there are “Interruptions” that are represented as broken parts of the Chain Waves.

By reinterpreting Molnar’s work from static lines to moving lines, I intend to extend the notion of drawing. The common notion of drawing is that a drawing is rough and preliminary to a finished masterpiece. The Chain Waves transcends this ever-changing nature and the roughness of drawings.

The Chain Wave is developed with OpenFrameworks C++

Music by Blue Dot Sessions, “Kirkus”