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  1. 2020 | Spring Demo Day/

Im/Material Research


An overview of material & immaterial research/projects from spring 2020:

  • Conceptronica, Ontologica, & Phenomenologica: ÄÄNIAALTO V performance, using a powerpoint presentation as music-visuals for didactic pop/noise music.
  • Haunted Sauna: Created in my apartment building for “Ways of Making 3: Kinetic & Robotic Sculpture,” this was a secret interactive-installation made with water mist/Kinect sensor, that you wouldn’t have found unless you were breaking the rules.
  • Future computer: Research & speculation on the topic of “sustainable” electronics including horrifying supply chains, electricity in mycelium networks, battery design, and neuro-mimicry.
  • Seaweed synth: My attempts to make biodegradable electronics using seaweed/activated charcoal for “Design Meets Biomaterials”
  • What is Gender? Lecture/podcast (& jingle) for “AS IF?!” The Aalto Student Intersectional Feminist association.