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  1. 2020 | Winter Demo Day/

Listen, It’s Helsinki

Electronics for Artists

When you leave a city, what remains in your mind?

Last year, I spent five months in Helsinki and then came back to my home country. One day, I accidentally saw a video in Helsinki metro; those “beep” warning sound, cracking sound between train and track, Finnish and Swedish broadcasting bring my memory back to Helsinki. It reminds me I used to go to school by metro; I fell asleep there and missed the station; and, when the first time I took the metro, I was holding a ticket and wondering why there was no one to check it, etc.

This project was based on the feeling I had when memory was raised by sound in a certain location. Thus, I want to create different sound memories in different locations or situations of Helsinki, hopefully, to open other people’s minds who ever have any memory in Helsinki. In this project, I chose seven cases: Central Railway Station, Oodi library, Linnanmäki amusement park, Suomenlinna, metro, Helsinki Cathedral and Torille. Each one has a corresponding illustration and is attached to one capacity sensor. Sounds are pre-recorded and will play once the current over the threshold, in this case, when a user’s hand close enough to a capacitive sensor.


  • Arduino IDE 1.8.13


  • Teensy 3.2 x1
  • Teensy audio shield x1
  • Trill craft x1
  • SD card x1
  • Amplifier x 1
  • Speaker x1
  • Capacity sensors x7
  • Laser-cutting board x7
  • 3D-printing box x1