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  1. 2022 | Spring Demo Day/


Master's Thesis

DimSyn is a browser-based tool for expressive visually-driven sound synthesis and composition using web technologies. Recent advancements in music technology, with new multidimensional controllers and upgrades in musical performance data communication, can bring a higher degree of expressivity into electronic music composition. However, in order to fully utilize these advancements in practice, the existing methods for visualizing and interacting with this control data may require updating.

The main goal of DimSyn is to be simple and easy to use yet flexible and powerful, allowing users to quickly create unique and interesting synthesized sounds. Furthermore, this thesis explores effective and intuitive methods for real-time capture and manipulation of multi-dimensional performance controls. While the real-time component and utilization of touch and stylus inputs also allows DimSyn to be used in a live performance, this thesis focuses more on the composition and sound sculpting side. DimSyn is open source software released under the MIT license.