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  1. 2022 | Winter Demo Day/

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Game Jam

Itsy Bitsy Spider

🎶 The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the air duct. Down came the slime and fire and lemon, and scared the spider out. But there are so many delicious cookies there, so the itsy bitsy spider went up the air duct again. 🎶

This was a project from the Game Jam course held at Aalto University. The theme was “twist“.

Inspired by Google Chrome Dinosaur Game, we added a thematic and mechanical twist. The Spider is the protagonist running in the air duct looking for delicious cookies while avoiding scary obstacles like lemon, fire, and slimes. The spider jumps from floor to ceiling to avoid hazards and find cookies.

Development time: 5 days

  • Ahmad Erfani: Programmer
  • Alireza Fatemi: Programmer
  • Boeun Kim: Artist
  • Marija Šumarac: Sound Designer