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  1. 2022 | Winter Demo Day/


Game Project


The people of Aeternus live inside Mount Chronos and are considered the protectors of the Flame of Time. They have a long history of harvesting and enchanting the raw passage of time into small crystals.

These crystals have been used for constructing the great city they live in, for preserving food, for disposing waste, and many other things. The magic of the crystals has over time become just another part of their everyday lives.

These peaceful times are disrupted when enemies of metal invade the city and attack the Aeternus in hopes of stealing the flame, forcing them to invoke a ritual to stop time for all but one: a chosen hero, whose job is to get rid of the enemies and relight the flame and restart the time for their people. You, as the player, are this hero, starting your journey right as the Time Lock -ritual has been evoked.


Control your environment with your staff:

  • Time moves only around you
  • Use weapons and traps to attack your enemies

Control time with your staff:

-Increase your speed and cross longer distances with Dash -Cause time to ripple and Push Back your enemies -Stop Time around you completely to sneak around