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  1. 2023 | Spring Demo Day/

Art & Tech / Aalto Digital Creatives

Aalto Digital Creatives

Aalto Digital Creatives Art & Tech Open Call final takes place on stage at the Media Lab Demo Day. The yearly Art & Tech Open Call, which seeks audiovisual, design, gaming and other cutting-edge projects, grants selected projects development funding between EUR 5000 and 15 000. Participating teams must be prepared to produce a prototype or a demo of their idea. 

The Art & Tech Open Call jury has selected ten projects into the final where each team must give a pitch in front of a live audience. The teams have a short window of three minutes to present their projects and convince the jury of why they should be selected for the development grant. The jury will make the final decisions and announce the winners after the pitching competition.


  • Joel Rahkonen: Kodnamn Merkurius -lyhytelokuva (Poolboy Oy)
  • Fanni Maliniemi: Hugmytree
  • Mika Hyytiäinen: Sign and Body
  • Isra Rab: Reclaiming History
  • Kristian Schmidt: AI Talent Show
  • Allan Castellanos: Oasis
  • Juan Duarte: Augury – multi channel portable sound device
  • Mikki Kunttu & Tuija Halttunen: Inside Artist – concept workshop
  • Antti Ahokoivu: Tarina ja teknologia toistensa tukena
  • Lumo Company: FINELINE Immersive
  • Art & Tech Open Call partners: City of Helsinki, AVEK, Yle and Genelec.