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  1. 2023 | Spring Demo Day/

When all else fails I’ll be there for you



This RPG came from my facination in emergency workers. How people give their all to save and help anyone without discrimination. How people destroy their bodies and healt with low compensation and yet they work tirelessly to save you when you need them the most. I encourage you to use this game to tell those stories in their grim reality. Both the great successes of saving people and the pain that not everyone can always be saved. I also encourage you to think about your characters as humans with lives outside work. From family issues to financial troubles, the stress of life will affect your ability to do your work.


  • Simple PbtA style 2d6 system – no other dice are needed
  • Personality based bonuses – character personality is intertwined with number based stats
  • Roll-tables for inspiration and other game master tools
  • A list of npc names and city locations
  • Real world information about emergency workers
  • CC BY 4.0 License. Build upon the game as much as you want.

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