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  1. 2023 | Winter Demo Day/

Digital Accessibility in Critical Services

Master's Thesis

Presentation of Key Findings of MA Thesis in New Media.
Thesis Title: Future of Legally Binding Accessibility in Feature Development of Critical Digital Services

Accessibility is a human right. Despite the need for action, accessibility legislation remains scarce. The European Accessibility Act introduces a minimum of legally required accessibility in critical digital services. Following enforcement in 2025, public and private sector websites and apps, including banking, insurance, and telecommunications, must meet a minimum level of compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Despite the regulations’ limitations, the Accessibility Act is a turning point for digital accessibility in the European Union.

A case study approach of this Thesis explores emerging themes, challenges, and opportunities professionals encounter in the digital feature development of critical services in Finland. The research results describe the status quo and juxtapose future-oriented actions in scenario mappings.

Audience can expect to understand the context, their role and agency as professionals in various media-producing contexts and what challenges accessibility faces.