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  1. 2023 | Winter Demo Day/


Personal Project


A flexible feat-based tactical YZE fantasy TTRPG that lets you play your wildest character concepts with ease. Play your stereotypical RPG heroes or go wild and explore the world as a magical sailor, a potter or someone with the power of greed. Designed for mid-length campaings of 10-15 sessions and short stories, you can run all kinds of fantastical adventures from traditional fantasy to magepunk.

  • Each character is centered around a Rune - a magical keyword that describes your connection to magic
  • Choose magical Runic Powers you can use in any way you like. Powers are flexible and can be used in different ways depending on your situation
  • Choose nonmagical Specialties that grant you an edge in combat situations
  • Equip yourself with Artifacts - magical devices powered by Runestones that expand the limits of what you can do

Runecycle runs on a heavily modified version of the award-winning Year zero engine by Free League publishing.

Download the alpha playtest and learn more at: