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Eero Tiainen


Embrace – Festival for Immersive Experiences
Eero Tiainen
Sebastian Schlecht
Tatu Blomqvist
Monica Seppänen
Sakari Heiskanen
Leena Tsuchiya
Michael Jelbart
Hanna Pajala-Assefa
Embrace showcases Extended reality (XR) experiences made for VR headsets, AR art, and other immersive installations.
Love Simulation EVE – Creating Multiplayer VR Performance
Eero Tiainen
Rongzhi Liu
Wan-Ting Hsieh
Michael Jelbart
Inna Huttunen
Juuso-Matias Maijanen
Love Simulation EVE is a location-based VR performance for 50-100 participants at the same time.


VR in Childbirth Education
Eero Tiainen
Marjaana Siivola
Eeva Ekholm
VR in Childbirth Education is an online VR experience about childbirth. The educational project is funded by A!Ole, aimed at offering Aalto teachers and alumni information on how to utilize VR content in their courses and annotating online VR content.