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Vytautas Bikauskas


New Media End of Semester Exhibition
Matti Niinimäki
Ahmad Erfani
Alex Artemenko
Celeste Sanja Smareglia
Janne Pusa
Mitchell Leibowitz
Jiayi Li
Lù Chén
Mengqiao Liu
Mengqing Wang
Merle Karp
Pili Valdivia
Roosa-Emilia Ronkainen
Rui Zeng
Sten Heijster
Volha Furs
Vytautas Bikauskas
Xuemei Ge
Yihan Lou
Yu-Hsuan Yao
Computational Art and Design Physical Computing
Course exhibition that highlights works from two different courses, Physical Computing and Computational Art and Design.
Vytautas Bikauskas
Computational Art and Design
WEBPIT is an ongoing research project into the materiality of wireless networks, self-hosting, and participatory server-based art. In this iteration, a solar-powered portable Rasberry Pi is hosting a local wireless network and an open server – the pit.