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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Hybrid Stage
Harald Herlin Learning Centre
Otaniementie 9, Espoo

13:00       | Welcome 
13:05–13:45 | Presentations
13:45–14:00 | BREAK
14:00–14:45 | Presentations
14:45–15:00 | BREAK     
15:00–15:15 | Performance
15:15–18:00 | Explore the Projects
18:00       | End of the Event
  1. 13:00 | Welcome

    Welcome to the Aalto Media Lab 2023 Winter Demo Day

  2. 13:45–14:00 | Break

  3. 14:00–14:45 | Presentations

    Thus Sang the Trees
    Karolína Kozikova
    3D Animation Master's Thesis
    An animation project for an upcoming video game in the genres of farming and survival horror. Centered around themes of anthropocentrism and control.
    Dime Shift
    Shamit Ahmed
    Uneeb Kari
    Jiahe Liang
    Yuxuan Liu
    J.C Muyonjo
    Lera Nikitina
    Game Project
    Dime Shift is a perspective-shifting puzzle platformer. Play as a tiny 2D robot who tries to become sentient by exploring the mechanical landscape of the future.
    Yukito Kodama
    Aalto Digital Creatives
    We build a rope climbing robot that can inspect offshore wind turbine blades automatically. Using this robot instead of the manual inspection, the risk and the cost will be reduced, and stable electricity supply will be realized
    Nöki: Shards of The Untamed
    Fatemeh Amereh
    Nuutti Nykänen
    Fu Wei
    Nestor Feijoo
    Hedieh Abdolvahabi
    Jiaming Liang
    Esther Calderón Morales
    Game Project
    Nöki: Shards of the Untamed is an isometric action-adventure game in which you control Nöki the penguin.
    Sound Design in Art and Science - Case Study: The Rabarba - Branching Realities Project
    Marija Šumarac
    Edit Blaumann
    Sólja Holm Mortensen
    Master's Thesis
    Rabarba is an exploration in the field of speculative design presented through a spatial sound installation.
    Absinthe Tails
    Antti Kangas
    Supriya Dutta
    Melanie Wigger
    Nina Tepponen
    Hanzhi Zhang
    Samedha Arora
    Jessy Muyonjo
    Game Project
    Absinthe Tails is a detective game with a dash of absinthe and missing cats.
    Art Sonique
    Kim-Niklas Antin
    Aalto Digital Creatives
    Turning e-waste into beautiful loudspeakers. The IKO is a concept that uses digital fabrication to remanufacture loudspeakers according to circular economy principles.
    Tino Selic
    John Emslie
    Jeremias Jokila
    Vili Sihvola
    Veikka Taka
    Henri Viitanen
    Game Project
    Piru is a psychological horror retro-fps game about a demonic ritual at a cabin in the wintry forests of Lapland.

  4. 14:45–15:00 | Break

  5. 15:15–18:00 | Explore the Projects

    The rest of the afternoon is reserved for exploring the demo projects. See a full list of all projects. Remember to also visit the exhibition in the main lobby of the Learning Centre as well as the Väre building (LQ Lobby).

  6. 18:00 | End of the Event

    Thank you! See you again in 2024!