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  1. 2022 | Spring Demo Day/


While I was writing my master thesis I started to create soundscapes in Bitwig Grid (because I had so much time and nothing else to do). No seriously, I often start new things in stressful times. The new captivates me and loosens the knots in my mind. Anyway, I have learned to appreciate the randomness and calmness of generative music during this time. A different way of making music, more relaxed, less linear. I can now compose my own yoga music.

Creating a patch took about 2-3 hours. As a reward I started to rearrange the blocks at the end, like lego bricks. That’s how I got the idea to build a “sonic” weapon. (by the way, sonic weapons exist, but they don’t play spa music).

peace (2022) by Lucien Montandon