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  1. 2022 | Spring Demo Day/

On Process

Digital Fabrication

For my final project for Digital Fabrication Studio I wanted to do a mini analog TV station. Users would insert a microSD card with their media which would then get broadcasted to a nearby CRT TV set within a meter radius.

After a while, this idea transformed into an art piece which would display an image on the TV, which would slowly degrade and fade out of existence. However, as the spring progressed and the end of the studio course neared, I was still scrambling to have a working prototype, and it was quite clear that I wouldn’t be able to finalise this idea on time.

Instead of a finished work I’ve opted to reveal the process behind the work. On Process is a collection of milled prototype PCBs, development boards used during the project, and personal notes I have made during the project.

As the creative process behind a work of art is rarely shown, I’m hoping to give the viewer a better idea of my process, the failures involved and what it takes to talk to a 20 year old TV in the year 2022.