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  1. 2023 | Winter Demo Day/


Physical Computing Storytelling


MONI is an innovative robotic fish installation, conceptualized as the physical manifestation of the epilogue from ‘Moni’s Diary’. This narrative delves into the complexities of social anxiety and the path to self-acceptance. The installation is sensitively designed to respond to human presence, awakening as someone comes within a meter’s proximity. The installation comes alive as lights illuminate and Mon’s tail engages in a unique dance of Morse code, with movements up and down representing dots (’.’), sways to the left and right for dashes(’-’), and pauses to signify Morse code blanks.

This interactive experience is an invitation for introspection. Observers are encouraged to take a pen and document their interpretations of Moni’s Morse code movements, potentially unveiling the messages Moni seeks to convey.

The overarching theme of the installation is Moni’s endeavor to shy away from the light, a metaphor for retreating from the intense spotlight of social interaction. This retreat is not out of fear, but rather it’s a quest for inner strength and harmony. The installation signifies the importance of finding tranquility and consistency within oneself amidst the often chaotic and demanding societal expectations.