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Boeun Kim


Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ahmad Erfani
Alireza Fatemi
Boeun Kim
Marija Šumarac
Game Jam
🎶 The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the air duct. Down came the slime and fire and lemon, and scared the spider out. But there are so many delicious cookies there, so the itsy bitsy spider went up the air duct again. 🎶
Shadow Puppy Shenanigans
Toni Sariola
Prabhav Bhatnagar
Boeun Kim
Rolands Tiss
Sina Jalali
Game Project
In a submerged city, a raccoon with duality of light & shadow solves mystic challenges to steal ALL the snacks.


Games Now! Community
Annakaisa Kultima
Ville Kankainen
Solip Park
Prabhav Bhatnagar
Toni Gröndahl
Ngoc Hoang
Abhishek Jaiswal
Emeline Jouvencel
Leonidas Karavanas Papadimos
Juhana 'Keksi' Kekoni
Boeun Kim
Kaan Ünlü
Virpi Väinölä
Xuehao Zhang
Games Now! is an open lecture series on the dominant topics and emerging trends in games. Since 2016, the lecture series have covered most trending topics around the video game industry, research, and education – and what will happen in the near future.
Chain Waves
Boeun Kim
Generative Media Coding
The Chain Waves is a generative drawing inspired by Vera Molnar’s plotter drawing series “Interruptions”.