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  1. 2022 | Spring Demo Day/


Game Project

“She couldn’t remember what she was. Pinned to the mighty machinery of the DREAM, moments before the inevitable reboot of everything, lungs adrift in formaldehyde and delicate burns, she tried to recall her name, what she looked like, the thrill of drifting away from the crushed muscles, the useless body. But all she could see was a beam of sunlight trapped in a bottle heading for an endless tour of not-becoming. She had to wake up.” Marionettes is an exploration puzzle game with a self-revealing narrative, which unfolds piece-bypiece throughout the game.

  • Olga Tasanko: Sound Designer
  • Lari Tarvainen: Artist
  • Sina Jalali: Programmer
  • Bardia Eghbali: Programmer
  • Sarah Alirezaee: Game Designer