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  1. 2022 | Spring Demo Day/


Game Project

Marmortal is a first-person movement shooter game that focuses on a plethora of platforming puzzles with a fast-paced tempo and satisfying movement abilities.

You have made a wish to an all-powerful entity – the Ascended. However the wish brought forth dire consequences. As a last resort you embark to the sacred tower where the wishes are granted to try undoing yours.

Dynamically shoot and rush your way through the tower’s perilous paths as it accepts no mortals in its premises and attempts to cleanse itself from your influence by sending hordes of gargoyles after you, while slowly turning you into stone.

The tower’s wishes reveal interconnected stories of the people that wished upon its flowing waters, and you learn that you are not the first to trespass the tower either…Marmortal is currently under development. Our work continues in the Unreal Engine 5! Find out more about our game and its further development by following @marmortal_official on Instagram!